Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian massage is a dynamic synergy of the best of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna bodywork.  Recapturing the forgotten wisdom of Aloha so precious to the ancient people of Hawaii, it blissfully transcends the stresses and strains of modern living by creating states of inner peace, balance and wholeness.The benefits of Hawaiian massage are truly holistic and far reaching. Ranging from the therapeutic right through to the transformational it enhances all areas of one’s health, well-being and self-awareness. Especially healing for traumas, poor self-image, low esteem, lack of confidence and direction, relationship difficulties, eating disorders or disunity of body, mind and spirit it offers genuine renewal and hope.Hawaiian massage is a unique, flowing, vibrant and deeply relaxing all body massage. The practitioner uses hands, forearm and body weight in long fluid strokes of varying rhythm and intensity up and down and all around the body. The energizing effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent and become an invocation for positive change on all levels.

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