2 days of fabulous fascial training just £335 This course ALWAYS fills fast so contact us to book now!

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This course always receives wide acclaim from our students and clients, and for the results posted on our facebook page.  To see why, please check out our photos section to see what can be achieved in just one treatment!

The photographs in our mobile uploads album were taken at the end of day one of a course. These are un-retouched photos from a simple iPhone camera taken in the same place in the same light where possible. Brilliant results from this treatment!

The event photograph show results on a client who had a course of 6 treatments and how those results then stayed even after one month.

Written and presented by Debbie Tamblyn Jones and Tracey Kiernan The Blend Fascial Facial takes the science and techiques of fascial release combined with the most beautiful holistic facial to create a stunning treatment that can literally lift the years away!

Debbie Tamblyn Jones developed this original protcol after many years of experience in both the Beauty Industry, and working as a Clinical massage therapist.

After years of working with her highly delighted clients, Debbie and Tracey have now come together to develop the course with Tracey adding her own techniques and extensive fascial knowledge to create this beautiful course.

The latest fascial research presented by Carla Stecco at BFS 16 tells us that Superficial fascia has:

A strong connection to the skin.

Is important in thermoregulation and skin vascularisation.

There are many lymphatic vessels in the superficial fasca and restrictions can affect lymph drainage.

Oedema within the superficial fascia damages elasticity.

In 2018 she led her groundbreaking research in the discovery of the Fasciacytes a cell within the fascia which are responsible for producing hyaluronic ( hyaluronic acid). Yes the stuff that is in all of the fancy face creams and injectable fillers. So what if we could encourage these cells to boost production of our OWN hyaluronic? She showed that these cells responded to exactly the type of shear techniques that we have been using for years in our Blend Fascial Facial®

This course is a beautiful blend of art and science.

You will learn a stunning holistic facial routine that takes the whole body into account, along with a series of fascial techniques for the face neck and decolletage to address fascial restrictions and rejuvenate your clients skin.

Dont miss this opportinuty to add a whole new treatment to your repertoire, that will delight your clients and expand your practice.

Contact Tracey at Blend on info@blendtherapytraining,com to book today!

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