Fascia is far more than just layers, compartments and wrappings of muscle. The fasciae form a signalling system containing a crystalline matrix of fibres, tubules, gels and cells which communicate with every other cell in our body. Fascia is the structure which touches all others.


Dr. Carol Davis is an authority on fascia and integrative holistic therapies. Through thought provoking lectures and practical demonstrations interspersed with treatment techniques and movement approaches you will learn about biotensegrity and why and how the fascial system is an integral part of health. Dr. Davis will discuss the transfer of information or energy between cells and how the environment, what we think and what we feel can affect that information transfer causing dis-ease.


In recent years, the fasciae have been recognised as playing a huge part in the development of autoimmune disease, cancer and tissue adhesions as a result of structural imbalances, surgery and injury. Dr. Davis will discuss how the fascial system becomes injured, why and how fascial therapies can be used to maintain and restore health and why fascial research is providing a paradigm shift in science.Expand your skills.


Who can attend – Movement, manual and general healthcare professionals with an interest in learning or deepening their fascial knowledge. Please note, you must be able to participate in the practical applications during the event to enhance your learning experience.


Where – The Village Hotel Glasgow.

See the events page for information on the Village Hotel, transport and parking.

Date – 9am – 5pm. Saturday and Sunday 22nd & 23rd June

Can be purchased as a 2 day event with or without the evening dinner and Myofascial Immersion event

Please wear comfortable clothing for this event. Clothing to be treated in will be required both during the day and for the evening event.

Please bring a sheet for the treatment table and a small travel style pillow or similar.

Tea, coffee and a cold buffet lunch provided both days. Please note you cannot bring your own food into the hotel premises. The hotel also has a Starbucks and a grill restaurant.

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