This comprehensive course will qualify you to work with clients with a history of, or who have active cancer, and even whilst undergoing treatment.
Approved and recognised by  APNT FHT, Balens Hiscox and Holistic Insurance Services amongst others our online qualification will provide you with the necessary  knowledge and skills to treat oncology patients safely and appropriately.

Completion of this course means that there will no longer be a requirement  to postpone treatment until the client is in remission, or wait for, or gain, consultant consent, thereby putting the power of choice in their own care back into the hands of the client.

Why is this course different?

For just £350 this comprehensive online and interactive course will insure you to work with oncology clients straight away. You will be covered by our school insurance whilst you study, and your own insurers will also cover you as a student.

This is a hands on interactive mentored course. There are no automated downloads, or pre-recorded videos.

Instead we offer open interactive access to live teaching support from Tracey and the Blend team via facebook Live sessions, the dedicated Blend Oncology Online Study Group, and regular live video chat sessions for group discussion and a chance to ask questions and have answers in real time.

PLUS ongoing support via direct access to Tracey and via the facebook study group.

Free continuous updating of knowledge and research via the dedicated facebook Study Group.

The course content supplies an in depth knowledge on ALL aspects of working with clients with cancer over and above the usual oncology corse syllabus ( see course syllabus below)

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If you are already working with clients with cancer we strongly advise that you do check in with your insurance company without delay to confirm that you are covered.

What does the course include?
Course syllabus
Course materials include PDF for download, and live sessions with Tracey

Course content:
Therapist self care and techniques to support the therapist when 
 working with people with life limiting illness
Listening skills, how to ask questions to gain information to inform 
 you treatment.
The personal and social impact of diagnosis
Emotional impact of diagnosis and treatment
The language of cancer, the treatment and how to communicate 
 with your client
The consent process and relevant legislation and record keeping
Using an oncology specific intake form (provided)
Red flags and precautions regarding touch when working with 
 sufferers throughout the stages of their illness and recovery
Your role as a soft tissue therapist and when to refer
Cross infection control and how this varies from the average client
How to adjust your approach to include reference to level of demand, and avoidance of certain sites
How to position your client to ensure comfort following surgery.
Working with implants, ports, stoma bags and central lines.
How to adapt your touch when treating delicate clients.
with client feedback
The benefits of soft tissue therapies and fascial work for cancer care .
Recent research, dispelling myths around bodywork and cancer, and references for further research
Understanding how cancer forms, malignancy, metastasis, and more.
Understanding of the treatments offered by the medical 
 profession, medical devices and their impact on the client physically and emotionally
Effects of treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Working with scars and adhesions following surgery after cancer and radiotherapy
Specific breast cancer care including working with post operative 
scarring, self massage techniques and recommended 
 exercises for the client
Conditions & side effects associated with cancer and treatment:
Client comfort, aftercare, and homecare
Contraindications and cautions.
How do we access the course materials?
Whilst the material is delivered online Tracey will be very hands on.

The course is delivered direct to you in 6 lessons over a course of 12 weeks, giving you immediate and constant access to all lessons forever. The live sessions are then recorded and accessible through the dedicated study group.

How is the course assessed

There will be an online exam delivered by email at the twelve week point with a month to submit your completed paper.

There will be three case studies x three treatments each to be submitted by 6 months from the start of the course.

Completion of all modules lessons and assessments culminates in the award of the

Blend Advanced Diploma in Oncology Specific Training

Bonus features
Extensive list of appendices including
Example informed consent form
Mindfulness Meditation for you or your client
Guided Visualisation exercises for your client
Relaxation Rituals for yourself and your client
Relevant legislation and guidelines for cancer care
Extensive recommended reading list including:
Online Articles
Latest Research
Case Study Guidance Notes
Client hours log
Reflective writing article
Recommended videos online

How much does it cost?
The full course, including all modules, assessments, bonus feature exam, live sessions and continued tutor and student body support costs just £350
The total guided learning hours are a minimum of 100 hours of at home study, live broadcasts, case studies, client logs and assessments.
The certificate is a culmination of many years of dedicated work in this field and we are immensely proud of the protocol and passionate about delivering excellent quality training in this subject.


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