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APNT was established in 1986 with the aim to represent our members in educational, professional and political matters. If you hold qualifications in one of the APNT's core therapies, or would like to have your courses recognised or accredited by us, we would love to hear from you!

Grow with us

The APNT is non-commercial, not-for-profit, with a loyal base of practitioner members and a voluntary Executive Committee, The APNT runs on commitment, mutual support and belief in the value of our unique set-up.

Be a part of the communty

You have access to our team of therapy consultants in Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Fascia and Energy Work to answer  your questions and help you with any problems.  We also offer representation for our members through association membership of GCMT (General Council of Soft-Tissue Therapies), the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council), the Reflexology Forum and the Aromatherapy Consortium. 

Enjoy High Standards

The Association of Physical and Natural Therapists was originally formed in 1986 to give therapists a professional body interested more in high standards and professional conduct than red tape. We still to this day have the same interests and are more active than ever by providing the highest quality approved training.  We are an accredited register of the CNHC and requirements abide by their quality conduct.

Parliamentary Representation

We are founder members of, and affiliated to, the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), the only umbrella organisation representing the whole of Complementary Medicine.  BCMA is a stakeholder in the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Health and also for the APPG of Indian Sciences.  This means your individual voice can be heard at the highest level and contributes to the future of our industry.


Individual Membership

Student Membership

£ 75 / Per annum (w/out insurance)
  • Discounted Full Coverage Student Insurance package with Holistic Insurance (applied for separately)
  • Full Membership benefits with option to join at a discounted rate upon course completion

Full Membership

£ 135 / Per annum (w/out insurance)
  • London Borough Special Treatments Licensing fee exemption
  • Parliamentary Representation
  • Discounted Full Coverage Insurance package with Holistic Insurance (applied for separately)
  • A community of like-minded people with annual meetings
  • Relaxed CPD options (You can study high-quality courses outside of APNT)
  • Full professional representation to the governing bodies
  • Automatic membership to the BCMA
  • Directory Listing
  • Exclusive member discounts and offers
  • Exclusive Events

Course Provider Membership

Recognised Course

Full Membership Required
£ 75 One-off fee
  • Use of APNT Logo on Personal Certificates
  • List 1 Course Date per month on Website Calendar
  • Share Courses on APNT Social Media

Accredited School

Full Membership Required
£ 350 / £250 Per annum renewal
(£50 one-off per additional diploma course)
  • APNT Delivered Certificates to Graduates
  • Use of APNT Logo on any documents
  • One full Diploma course included, with option to add more
  • List School on Directory
  • Unlimited Course listings on Calendar
  • Advertise on APNT Social Media
  • Feature in Monthly Membership Email

When you are a member of APNT, you also gain membership of several other respected professional bodies, opportunity to join others, as well as several discounts and benefits!

What Some of Our Members Say


What does the practitioner insurance package include?

Our members are insured through Holistic Insurance and are offered fully comprehensive packages at a competitive price.  Package includes:

  • £5m public liability and professional indemnity
  • Multi-disciplinary policy – a single premium covers every group 2 (non invasive) treatment in which you qualify (min L3 standard)
  • £100k legal expenses cover with a dedicated helpline
  • Personal Accident insurance (arranged as a group scheme for APNT practitioner)
  • Student Insurance cover whilst you are training in new therapies (included at no additional premium if you already have practitioner cover)
  • London Borough Licensing fee exemption for most modalities

I am already a member of another organistation, can I still join?

Yes, there is no restriction for this.

I don't practice one of your core therapies, can I still join?

Unfortunately, no you can not.  Our core therapies are very specifically chosen and can not be expanded upon.  One of the reasons for this is because it would make us unable to be a part of accredited registers such as CNHC.  

I practice more than your core therapies, can I list them in my directory listing?

Yes, you can list them in the text area of your directory listing.  

I already have Insurance, can I join without insurance?

APNT does not require our members to be insured through our insurers.  However, we do not accept insurance through Towergate or other Insurance companies whom we deem unreputable.  

The reason for this is because these insurance companies insure courses that we do not want to be associated with, and the fact that they allow them means that we would require more admin to oversee and investigate the courses our members are listing

Insurance companies that we accept are as follows, but not limited to:

Holistic Insurance, Balens, FHT 

If you are unsure if your insurance company is accepted, please feel free to contact us before submitting your application

What are is APNT's requisite level to join?

APNT expects members to hold a minimum qualification meeting the current National Occupational Standards as defined by Skills for Health,
and the Core Curriculum for the discipline concerned.

For older qualifications these should be equivalent to the previously designated QCA Level 3 –  (as QCA no longer exists)

We also require our members to hold a valid CPR certificate.  If you do not currently have one, you will have 3 months to obtain one after your membership is confirmed

What are your CPD Requirements?

Members are required to complete 20 hours of CPD every year.  Our CPD is very relaxed and can be in the form of books, events, courses, and many other low-cost options.

We recognise courses that are not affiliated with APNT as long as they meet the requisite quality.  If you are unsure if your qualifications  or desired workshops meet our requisites, please feel free to contact us before applying.

I am still unsure if I can join!

We are Currently undergoing edits to our joining process

You can still click here to submit an application manually, and we will be in touch soon!

Or message us below if you have any questions

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